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Jamaican Jills

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If you are looking for a little sunshine in Swansea but it’s the usual wind and drizzle forecast, well at least you can taste something that reflects the sunshine atmosphere of Jamaica.

Jamaican Jill’s is one of the most colourful and electrifying experiences in Swansea at the moment, and that’s just the décor.

The food is also the most authentic Jamaican cuisine this side of the Atlantic. Whatever occasion, there is something to suit all from family meals (they even have board games to keep the kids occupied) to cocktails and steel drums to dance to every weekend!

The soul behind the restaurant is Bernie Davies, born and raised in Jamaica who moved to Wales from Bradford in 2006 after falling in love with its beauty on a car journey through its lush countryside a year before. She met her Welsh husband Mark in 2011 and settled in Wales.

Bernie has brought a part of her homeland with her in the restaurant as she continues to be an ambassador for Jamaican Culture in South Wales. The journey began in Neath as Jamaican Jill’s was born and has grown on a much larger scale. The new Swansea venue was launched to meet the demands of hungry guests!

We spoke to Bernie herself to find out a little more! What has the journey to opening the restaurant been like for you?
It’s been an amazing journey… a rollercoaster if I’m honest, but the restaurant is thriving and it’s fantastic seeing so many happy guests enjoying themselves. It makes all the hard work worth it! We have come a long way since we first opened in Neath, we have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t but we’ve tried to keep everything genuine and authentic Jamaican as I know and love it!

What Jamaican dish should everyone try?
That’s a tough one we have such a great menu that it’s dif cult to pick which one! All of the dishes; jerk chicken, ackee, and salt sh, oxtail to name a few are Bernie Tested as I like to call it.

I quality check and tweak little bits here and there so they are spot on. I’d have to say my goat curry is probably the most popular, we get a lot of people coming back for it, they can’t get enough!

What inspires you to bring Jamaica to South Wales?
Jamaica is bursting with such amazing vibrant culture that I really want to share with everyone. I love the culture in Wales, I have lived here so many years and have grown to love its quirks which are not too dissimilar to Jamaica. For example, both cultures are very friendly and also very frank! Having grown up in Jamaica it’s a privilege to be able to celebrate and treat our customers to the Caribbean culture that I love!

If we’ve got your attention and your feeling the vibes then check out.

Jamaican Jills
The City Gates
Little Wind Street

01792 476222

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