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For our golden Gower Girl Lucy Gallivan, publishing Gower Life is a dream come true. Born and bred in Swansea, Lucy is very proud to call this beautiful part of Wales her home and spends much of her leisure and family time around Swansea, Mumbles and Gower.

Tell us a bit about yourself?
I am part of the team here at Good Life Publishing, fondly referred to by my co-workers as Lucy Cannon! We have a great team who are always on hand to have a laugh and bounce off each other for ideas.

I head up Gower Life, Premier Social, and Gower Life Photo Corner. I think of myself as a driven and ambitious woman, I thrive on a challenge and love to laugh but, more importantly, I am creative in everything I produce.

I live in Swansea with my three children Ryan, Cameron and Holly who are all characters (wonder where they got that from?). I hope by being brought up by a woman with a strong work ethic, they will be inspired to have a career doing what they love and make their own footsteps down their chosen path.

What has your path to now been like?
My path has been very tempestuous. Success isn’t a straight line that takes you to the top immediately. It involves evaluating what is important, who is important, who matters and who never did (you all know who you are). I started my journey in life never wanting to follow the crowd. I always refer to myself as a free spirit who always takes a challenge over the easy option.

I started my path at sixteen years old when I decided not to go to college or university. Instead, I went straight to work in the financial industry for twelve years as a senior mortgage advisor. I gained qualifications along the way then I had my children. I fell into multimedia around four years ago, which suited everything that I was good at. I haven’t looked back since.

What is the most important thing in your life?
It goes without saying that the little people I created, my “Trio”, are the most important things in my life; I want them to be happy, have drive, fire, and gusto in their hearts and souls. Aside from my family, the most important thing is a good work/life balance. I can say I have reached the top of the mountain with this. I have great employers who support and encourage a happy work/ life balance which enables me to be the best mum and employee. I truly believe when you find a job you love, it fits around your life and allows you to be creative – you’ll have the winning combination of six lucky numbers.

Tell us the most interesting thing about you?
I am a character that is for sure – you won’t forget me! I have a lot of passion and humour, I am absolutely, without a doubt, a creative and savvy individual. I have a lot of personal traits people can relate to – always makes for a fascinating cup of coffee! If your life experience is more unique than mine, then we need a coffee!

What are your plans for the next year?
My plans are to grow and develop Gower Life into something so unique and elite that it then allows me to move onto our potential Mediterranean publication in Javea, a real dream of mine! To have a job you love and do it in the sun and have the cultural experience that it brings, mark my words I will be there!

What inspires and motivates you?
My inspiration comes from my simple values “Live, Laugh and Love”, I like to set goals and achieve them. I love hearing about peoples’ stories and their personal journeys and I feel I have a lot of life experiences which then enables me to connect and empathise with so many people on so many levels. I like to think my motivation comes from seeing happiness passed on to others. I love how I can achieve things for my clients that no-one else can. I believe in listening, understanding, digesting and then creating. From a conversation I can create a vision for a client and that’s what drives me to do my job each day.

What do you love the most about Gower?
After a poignant time in my life, I sought solace in abstract art; a part of that art was seascapes, landscapes, and photography. I would very often take time out for reflection just listening to the crashing waves and the beautiful things that Gower has to offer. I would sit and paint canvasses from all around the Gower. People would walk by and stop to talk to me and find out what I was doing, and I know I am not alone in this. Aside from its unrivalled beauty, this area has so many down-to-earth people who strive to make a living, just like I do. If you can work, play, live, laugh and love in the Gower, well I think then you can say you’ve made it!

Lucy Gallivan
Head of Gower Life

07860 930 399

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